About Our Journey

BALAY TI ABEL is a Philippine-based online shop offering inabel handwoven collections for your home since 2007.

BALAY TI ABEL started out with an appreciation of beautifully handwoven blankets of our small town in Bangar, La Union Philippines. In 2012, we started to introduce modern design with age old production techniques, partnering with incredible and talented loom owners and weavers of our town and in the Ilocos region to revive and promote the beauty of abel weaving. Our inabel pieces are produced using centuries-old abel weaving techniques passed down through the generations on traditional wooden looms. Each piece tells a story of skill and tradition and the love of our artisans to continue and preserve the craft despite of the laborious process involved.

BALAY TI ABEL honors the men and women artisans who produce our collections. When you choose BALAY TI ABEL, you not only receive a beautiful handwoven product, you know you have directly empowered and supported the communities of people who have lovingly produced each piece.