Inabel and the Environment

Some people may be wondering why we use #environmentfriendly hashtag on our instagram bio.

One of the reasons why I love promoting inabel products is the fact that the process involved is environment friendly. It doesn't require electricity or gas to  operate a wooden loom. From the preparation of the warp thread (panag-gan-ay), creating the design (aggur-on), dressing the loom (agpulipol), to winding yarn on the shuttle (agkanilyas) up to the actual weaving process, everything is done manually.


In this age of electronics and high-technology machinery, we choose to cherish and embrace slow abel weaving. Despite the laborious process involved and the low pay, there are still some weavers who love their craft and choose to continue this weaving tradition. This is what drives me to continue promoting our local products.

Other weaving communities have tried using plarn (plastic yarn from plastic bags) as their main material for their woven projects. I have talked to some loom operators about it and hopefully, we can also experiment on this one in the future. If you're interested about plarn projects, whether weaving, knitting or crocheting, visit pinterest for ideas and inspirations.

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